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Learn Bridge Online with Reese from Ace Bridge

Meet Reese

Reese Koppel coaches the Yale Bridge Team, writes for Audrey Grant's Interactive Daily Bridge Column, and serves on the board of the ACBL Educational Foundation.

Reese won the 2018 King of Bridge award as well as the Baron Barclay National Youth Pairs that same year. He has been featured three times as an ACBL Celebrity Speaker.


Hundreds of bridge students have benefited from his unique coaching method which emphasizes exciting cardplay techniques over rigorous bidding lectures.

Meet the Team: About

Meet Castor

Castor Mann is a Swedish bridge player and bridge teacher, playing for the Swedish U26 national junior team.

Castor won the U21 European Youth Bridge Championships in 2017 and the U21 World Youth Bridge Championships in 2018. He has played for the Swedish junior national team every year since 2015.

Having worked as a bridge teacher at the bridge club in Stockholm since 2019, Castor knows how to teach students in a way that is easy and fun.

Learn Bridge Online with Kunal from Ace Bridge

Meet Kunal

Kunal Vohra is a Bernard Ramsey Scholar at the University of Georgia. 

He played on the United States under 16 team at the 2016 World Youth Teams Championship and won the 2018 Baron Barclay National Youth Pairs event.

Having taught at senior living homes and youth bridge summer camps, Kunal has seen it all. His focus on understanding the logic behind bridge over memorizing countless conventions helps his students learn quicker and more effectively. 

Meet the Team: About
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